Our 24/7 Managed Website Chat Solution Features

Bring your Website to Life with Chat Software Staffed by Real Humans

Our Website Chat solution has many strengths. What makes this industry leader tick? Pricing flexibility, uninterrupted service, personalised scripts, customisable branding, social media, CRM intergration and much more.

Pay per lead (PPL) pricing

You’ve heard of pay-per-click, but our service takes it to the next level. Pay only for the qualified leads that we have generated for you. More than a click, this is a primed and sales-ready customer.

24/7/365 support

This live chat customer experience on your website will never be turned off, not even at midnight or over public holidays. Our live chat agents remain active throughout the day and night, all year round.

Personalised Script

We have extensive experience with live chat flow, and when combined with your unique suggestions, the result is a powerful conversation based on well-tested guidelines.

Your brand is the hero

Our live chat widgets can be fully integrated into your own UI and blended to fit your brand style. This customisable branding keeps the live chat feature fully within your own territory.


Sometimes, customers want to interact via mobile texting. It’s a quick and efficient way for them to communicate if they are in a crowded room and can’t talk with live chat. Our solution makes this possible.

Live Call Connect

WebsiteChat can connect a live phone call to your sales team immediately. It’s just a click away and then your sales team is engaging with the hot prospect in real-time.

Facebook Messenger Chats

Live chat is can be initiated from your official Facebook page. This gets prompt attention from our live chat staff using native FB messenger.

Google Analytics Integration

Our software supports seamless integration with Google Analytics so that you can track your live chat engagements.

Web-Based Chat Portal

We present a dashboard showing transcripts and a complete set of data of your live website engagements. This is your own to login and view as you wish.

CRM Integration

Our software can pass live chat data to almost any popular CRM application, ready for enhancing your overall customer data for all future interactions.


This shared support option allows your sales team and Website Chat staff to co-operate during business hours.

Lead conversion stats

We send a monthly report demonstrating a complete picture of our performance. It includes useful stats and user engagement trends from your website.

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