24/7 Managed Live Chat for Car Dealerships

Before they’ve met you, many website visitors base their decision on first impressions. WebsiteChat makes sure that your Car Dealership builds trust from the very first interaction.

Don’t miss any potential car sales

You’ve worked hard to build trust at your dealership with your service. We work just as hard to build your leads so that you can focus on selling more cars.

Benefits of Managed Live Chat for Car Dealerships

Friendly chat with trained agents

Our knowledgeable agents are well-prepared to engage every single visitor to your website. Personalised scripts ensure that visitors are converted to leads while you are busy at your dealership.

Pay Per Lead

Did we mention that you only pay for leads that pass qualifying criteria? We filter the potential buyers from the crowd and you’ll receive those leads before you’re invoiced.

Round the clock support

Our agents never clock out. They are available 24/7/365 to chat to nurture your website visitors while you focus on servicing your auto dealership customers.

Transform Your Visitor Engagement To Sell 3X More Units With WebsiteChat!

White Labelled WebsiteChat for Car Dealerships

Our tried and tested managed chat service is available to car dealerships as a no-name, white labelled solution so that you can simply add the appropriate branding to our solid foundations with confidence.

• Present the chat service to website visitors in the brand colours and identity of your car dealership.

• Real people will represent the brand with customised scripts according to your specific auto dealership requirements.

• Increase website engagement and turn window shoppers into measurable auto dealer leads.

Our white-label live chat solution is ready and waiting to contribute towards the overall professionalism of your car dealership brand.

Give it a test drive

You wouldn’t sell cars to your customers without offering a test drive. Do the same with our free trial to experience the WebsiteChat solution for yourself.

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