24/7 Managed Live Chat for Lawyers

If a Potential Client Lands on your Website, Don't Let them leave and
choose another Law Firm before you've had a chance to engage them.

Missed Conversations are Missed Cases

Grow your Legal Practice with our Professional Managed Website Chat Solution. Our Experienced Live Chat Agents will Manage your Website Traffic and Capture Leads for You, While you Focus on what you do Best: Winning Cases.

Benefits of Managed Website Chat for Lawyers

We’ll Win Over Clients while you Win their Cases.

Reaching a helpful person on your website helps your potential clients to stay engaged before they leave. If your team is busy in court, we’ll nurture the lead until you can meet them.

Pay Per Lead

You only pay when we win. That means you pay for qualified leads, not just chats. Our post paid invoicing means that you’ll get those leads first, before you pay.

Professional Live Chat Agents

Our live chat agents are real people, well-trained to guide your potential clients through a process of conversion through the customised script according to your input & they’re available 24/7/365.

Transform Your Visitor Engagement To Win 3X More Clients With WebsiteChat!

White labelled WebsiteChat for Lawyers

Our managed chat service has been tried, tested and “found to be innocent in a court of law”. In all seriousness, It is available as a professional white-labled service for legal firms. Add your own brand identity to our managed websitechat solution with confidence.

• Present our fully white labelled chat service to visitors in the brand identity and colours of your legal firm.

• Real people will speak on behalf for your firm with customised scripts according to your specific requirements.

• Increase website engagement and turn browsers into measurable lawyer leads.

Extend the overall professionalism of your legal law firm and Experience our Managed Live Chat for Lawyers with our 14 day free trial and judge for yourself.

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