24/7 Managed Live Chat for Dentists

If a Potential Client visits your Website, capture their contact information before they leave and choose another Dentist.

More Appointments, More Smile Makeovers!

Grow your Dental Practice with our Leading Managed Live Chat Solution. Our Professional Live Chat Agents will capture more enquiries for you by Managing your Website Traffic 24/7, While you Focus on what you do Best: Creating More Smile Makeovers!.

Benefits of Managed Website Chat for Dentists

We’ll Fill the Appointments, while you Fill the Cavities.

Our live chat agents are experts at putting your customers at ease and converting them into leads. No need for you to hire and train your own staff at a much higher cost.

Only Pay for Leads

Let us make you smile and only bill you for leads we capture that meet a certain agreed criteira. That means you pay for qualified leads, not just chats we conduct on your behalf.

24/7 Live Chat Agents

It doesn’t matter when a possible customer gets in touch. We will always have someone to answer their questions and collect their contact details 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Transform Your Visitor Engagement To Win 3X More Clients With WebsiteChat!

White labelled WebsiteChat for Dentists

Most people who research for services that a Dental Practice provides happens during the day when you are busy serving customers or at night when you are closed. Integrating WebsiteChat’s managed live chat service into your website means you'll have a team of professionals focused on converting your website traffic into leads. Our solution is ready and waiting to seamlessly integrate into your dental practice business and grow it towards new heights.

• There will always be a friendly person to answer any question a visitor has and put their minds at ease.

• There will be a person on call who is knowledgeable about your business and what it has to offer, using a script you’ve personally approved.

• There will be more engagement from your website, increasing your return on investment across your marketing spend.

Extend the overall professionalism of your Dental Practice and Experience our Managed Live Chat for Dentists with our 14 day free trial and judge for yourself.

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