24/7 Managed Live Chat for Medical Specialists

Imagine if your Practice Receptionists were able to Meet and Greet all your Website Visitors. Of Course, they Need to Help your Patients feel at ease Face-to-Face, but We Can Build Trust on your Website and Develop Your Reputation at the Digital Interface.

Develop your great reputation with website visitors

We will nurture your clientele with our 24/7 managed live chat service while you focus on the patients at your medical specialists.

Benefits of Managed Website Chat for Medical Specialists

Nurture patients with friendly, live chat

Our specially trained agents are standing by to engage every new visitor to your website. You can customise the script for your practice, and together with our guidelines, they will feel comfortable and ready to book an appointment.

Pay Per Lead

Your medical practice will only pay for qualified new patient leads. You won’t pay to keep website visitors engaged if they are just students doing research. We’ll send you the leads that meet certain criteria and then invoice you.

On Duty and On Call

Our agents are available 24/7/365 to chat to your website visitors while you focus on maximising your patient’s health. We’ll maximise the number of website visitors who wish to book appointments with you.

Transform Your Visitor Engagement To Win 3X More Clients With WebsiteChat!

White Labeled Chat Service For Medical Specialists

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